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Meet the Staff

  • Louisa Frank
    Louisa is one of our newest massage therapists. She is originally from South Africa. She graduated from the Arizona School of Massage and worked with the head massage therapist of the Chicago White Sox. Louisa's passion for massage is evident, and she has over a decade of experience. In her free time she enjoys traveling, spending time with her husband and cooking.
  • Cyndi Souza
    After 25 years in the health and wellness industry in Las Vegas NV, Cyndi has returned to her hometown of Marquette. Cyndi holds an associate degree in recreation management, is a certified Yoga Instructor, licensed massage therapist as well as 25 years of spa experience in many five star hotels in Las Vegas. She and her 12 year old daughter are happy to return to the beach, biking, hiking, swimming and all the art that Marquette offers. She is a member of the Lake Superior Christian church, loves traveling and being with family. 'Massage is my gift and my joy to renew the mind body and spirit.'
  • Shawna Moore
    Shawna was born and raised on the west coast. Her love of massage began at a young age. By age 5 she was massaging a relatives 'bad knee' nightly in hope of making it feel better. She grew up, became a Navy Corpsman and later continued on the health care path by becoming an RN. With life changes abound, she decided to fulfill her massage calling and became a licensed massage therapist. She believes in a holistic approach to health care and combines different modalities to provide an East meets West style of massage.
  • Val Wightman
    Val is from California and has resided in Gwinn for most of her life with her three daughters. She enjoys the outdoors and has a very active lifestyle. You can find her teaching high intensity dance classes her in Gwinn and she is always here at the office breezing through all tasks thrown at her!

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